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What my students think of me...

I respect my students' privacy and am not publishing their contact information online. If you would like to contact my students please feel free to contact me via email and I will send you their Email.

I have known Rin personally and professionally for more than one year, when she came into my life and my son's as our Hebrew tutor.

Rin was one of several in a succession of Hebrew tutors that I worked; she was also the best. She was always well-prepared, consistent, on time, and professional. She was fun and creative. Her approach to the Hebrew language drew from a strong foundation in grammar, which was important to me as an editor at Vogue (that is, someone who worked with grammar on a daily basis and had many questions based on it), as well as someone who spoke additional languages. She was also well-versed in available support materials were and could offer good advice on choosing among Hebrew language course books. She was also able to augment her tutorials with newspaper articles and Israeli popular culture. She was very accessible both in person and on-line and had a well set up Web site offering further support. Rin was patient with my learning process and encouraging with my Hebrew. She brought with her a strong sense of her Israeli self; at the same time has lived and traveled abroad extensively, adapts fluidly, and fits in quite comfortably with cultures other than her own.

Rin also worked with my son, an active four-year-old with a strong desire to learn Hebrew but not a strong desire to sit. She was able to devise an individual approach that worked with his personality, ability, intelligence, and energy level via picture books, games, and videos. She was also able to suggest additional Hebrew-language software for him. Once again, she was prompt, responsible, and caring. She was generous of her time and herself.

In sum, I believe that Rin brings with her a substantial foundation in Hebrew and Israeli and Jewish culture. She is also able to tailor her approach individually and, obviously, to work across a range of ages and temperaments. I know my son still asks for Rin and misses her, as do I. I haven't had a Hebrew tutor who could compare, and I feel confident that she will be a strong addition to your children's workshop.

Please feel free to E-mail (xxxxxxxxxxxx) or to call (xxxxxxxxxx) should you have additional questions.






For the last year, Rin has been my Hebrew tutor for lessons that we conduct on a regular weekly basis.
During this time, I have not only found Rinat to be a gifted language instructor, but also deeply knowledgeable about Israeli current affairs and Jewish history.
Thanks to Rin, I have made great strides in Hebrew reading, speaking and comprehension. Rin is an outstanding language instructor because she is well organized, communicates effectively and is blessed with patience. During difficult times in my Hebrew studies, Rin has kept me moving forward through positive reinforcement - and her warm sense of humor.
As my language skills have progressed, Rin and I have been able to spend many hours discussing Israeli politics, current events and history, as well as world affairs from a Jewish perspective and Jewish history. I have found Rin to be thoughtful and well versed in all these matters. She has offered keen insights that have helped enrich my own knowledge of Israeli and Jewish affairs.
Rin is reliable, caring and encouraging - important qualities in a teacher and in a person. It has been my great fortune to find her as my Hebrew tutor.
If I can be of further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Political Editor
The New York Post
New York, N.Y.
Tel. xxxxxxxxx

I have known Rin for over 15 months now, as she was my private Hebrew teacher. 
I can confirm that she is a woman of great integrity, is extremely dedicated to her work, 
and is entirely dedicated to Judaism and the state of Israel, from where she is from.  
I can also confirm that she has a profound knowledge of Hebrew, Jewish History, culture, 
and the different sects of the Jewish faith.  
Furthermore, She is a very patient woman, and very professional too. She is a natural born teacher, 
and has a big place in heart for children.   
For your information, I am the CEO of a Search Engine Marketing Company in New York City
I have worked with Rin 3 hours a day for 2 days a week for the last 15 months. 
I will be more than happy to vouch for Rin's charming personality over the phone as well.  
Please feel free to call me at ********** to discuss further.  
I'm confident that with all of her cosmopolitanism she will be a great asset not only to your program, but also to the children she teaches.    
President and CEO