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If you are looking for a Hebrew tutor or a source for a variety of educational products you are in the right place. Learn Hebrew offers lessons in person for those located in Toronto, Canada or live online lessons via the latest video conferencing-technology available today so you will be able to learn Hebrew from the comfort of your home or office.

Translation from English to Hebrew or Hebrew to English is also available. 

Rin is an Israeli teacher with years of experience teaching and tutoring Hebrew for students as a first or second language.

The Hebrew courses are intended for anyone interested in learning Modern Hebrew or Biblical Hebrew and focuses on all language skills--speaking, reading, writing, listening and comprehension of Hebrew--in an enjoyable way. After several lessons you will already be able to conduct a conversation in Hebrew on a variety of topics and to read the Bible in it’s on language.

In this website you will also find a wide variety of Hebrew educational products. From games, books, Music CD’s, videos, DVD movies, crafts, Judaica and more, you could play, sing, read, celebrate and create in Hebrew. These products will help you to learn the Hebrew language and to learn about Israel in an enjoyable, creative manner.  These materials can provide inspiration for students and give them a sense of connection to Israel and the Hebrew language. I carefully selected the products in order to match them to the needs of every Jew living in the Diaspora, interested in learning the Hebrew language and celebrating the high holidays.


Parents, would you like your children to learn Hebrew in a fun and exhilarating setting? Would you like your children to have close and available contact with the Hebrew language? Are you looking for great ideas for your child’s party in the spirit of Judaism? Are you looking for an original and educational program for your childrens’ birthday parties?  All your needs will be met here. Please contact me for more information.

The website is under construction so please come back to visit us soon as we are updating everyday. Bookmark us: CTRL+D

Thank-you to all my students and visitors for sharing your experiences with the products listed.  Your comments help me to ensure only top-quality products and resources are recommended.  In order to update the list I will continue to examine new products entering the market, and will provide all of the newest advances in the area of Hebrew language instruction. If you want to share a product or program that you’ve enjoyed using please send your recommendation to me at: LearnHebrew@gmail.com

I will be happy to address any questions, special requests, and comments.







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