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No travel time or parking hassle! 

Learn from the comfort of your home or office!


Learn Hebrew online with a live Israeli teacher using the latest video conferencing technology right from the comfort of your home or office. We view each other over video, and communicate through a microphone and speakers or headset.  The program is free to use and the installation is very simple. 

The Hebrew courses are intended for anyone interested in learning Modern Hebrew or Biblical Hebrew and focuses on all language skills: speaking, reading, writing, listening and comprehension of Hebrew. After several lessons you will already be able to conduct a conversation in Hebrew on a variety of topics.


I am comfortable teaching students of all ages. I am responsible, patient and kind and do my best to find the ways in which each individual student learns best. I work with my students to develop lesson frameworks and teaching methods based on their interests and learning styles. I'm happy to include information about Israeli culture, the people, and the country; anything you may be interested in!


My Students:

"The lessons are excellent and this teacher's use of technology and other learning tools make the instruction very effective.  We develop vocabulary lists from each lesson which are recorded by the teacher into audio which I can listen to each week.  Also, lessons are prepared in computer documents which contain reading and exercises in Hebrew.  Although the teacher is thorough and precise, she is also very patient with the student.

(The remainder of this message is in Hebrew.)

׳׳ ׳™ ׳×׳œ׳ž׳™׳“ ׳©׳œ ׳¨׳™׳ ׳× ׳•׳œ׳ž׳“׳×׳™ ׳”׳¨׳‘׳” ׳׳×׳” ׳‘׳’׳œ׳œ ׳©׳”׳™׳ ׳ ׳•׳×׳ ׳× ׳©’׳•׳¨׳™׳ ׳˜׳•׳‘׳™׳ ׳•’׳–׳¨׳”.  ׳”׳™׳ ׳‘׳׳ž׳× ׳¨׳•׳¦׳” ׳œ׳”׳×׳§׳“׳ ׳׳× ׳”׳×׳׳œ׳ž׳™׳“."


 David I. Kentucky, USA



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