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These are Specially Minted Sterling Silver coins by the Israeli Government. In June 1967 under the command of General Uzi Narkiss Israel Defense Forces repelled the Jordanian offensive and quickly moved to reunite the Old City. On June 28 1967 Israel formally declared Jerusalem reunified under its sovereignty the first time in nearly 2000 years! The ank of Israel issued the Jerusalem coins to commemorate the reunification of the Old City and mark the event of the State's 20th Anniversary. Description of the Coin Face of Coin The coin displays a panoramic view of the reunified City of Jerusalem. Modern Western Jerusalem with the Scroll of the ook (home of the Dead Sea Scrolls)at the top and the domed roofs of the Old City including the Tower of David and the ancient walls of Jerusalem in the forefront.. Just beautiful! These are large coins - 37mm across. Reverse of Coin Features the silver seal of the ar Kochba revolt in the center of the coin. The inscription in Hebrew "Israeli Lirot" with the date "5728-1968" in Hebrew and English. The word "Israel" in Hebrew Arabic and English at the right of the columns with the denomination. The Silver Proof is marked with a small Hebrew 'mem' at the bottom rim. These have not been minted since so they are extra special. These make a very meaningful gift and will be remembered and appreciated forever! Each comes individually packaged in a velvet presentation case.

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