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Sarah- Hebrew speaking Doll








Books for children:

Alef to Tav

An exciting, fully illustrated book on the Hebrew alphabet, with names, letters, and numbers in Hebrew and English; a big, funny, story-picture about each letter, Hebrew words for you to figure out, and a verse for each letter.

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My first 100 Hebrew Words:
This colorful picture dictionary includes one hundred Hebrew words and concepts, from Adonai to Zemirot, that define the Jewish religious experience for young readers. What makes this volume unique is its exploration of essential Jewish concepts, observances, and celebrations. Each entry includes the Hebrew term, transliteration, definition, and a full-color illustration.


The Hebrew Alphabet stamp kit:

The kit contains 25 rubber stamps (22 letters of the alphabet and three Hebrew symbols), along with a companion booklet that illuminates the mystical heritage of the Hebrew alphabet and even suggests several meditative exercises. An exquisite gift and introduction to a beautiful spiritual practice or just a creative way to adorn packages and postcards, The Hebrew Alphabet Stamp Kit will makes all kinds of communications more meaningful.

The Hebrew Letters Tell Their Story:
The Hebrew Alef Bet letters meet the Doodle Family in a wonderfully animated, full color adventure where pooches fly and camels water ski. Each illustrated page has an unforgettable rhyme which children will love learning and repeating.

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Agnon's Alef Bet : Poems
These twenty-two classic poems, written by Novel Laureate S.Y. Agnon, are now available for the first time in English in this beautiful collection. Agnon's creation of a witty poem for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet is destined to be a children's classic, evoking the rich imagery of the Bible and ancient Israel.

My Hebrew Picture dictionary:
A Pictorial Hebrew-English Dictionary for Children
"Look, Mommy, a lion is an ari! And a lamb is kevess! See -- I can speak Hebrew!”

Children learn by seeing, and in this beautifully illustrated word-book your littlest ones will see hundreds of things in Hebrew and English. They’ll spend hours picking out the pictures and learning the names.

Before you know it they will have a Hebrew vocabulary of over 500 words! You’ll wish all learning could be this much fun.

Each page will transport your children to a new setting: Shabbos, the festivals, a shul, a forest, an ocean, an airport, the family kitchen, a circus, and many more.

On every page they’ll see an exciting scene with all sorts of objects, each one clearly labeled with its Hebrew and English names. Listen to them squeal with joy as they pick out familiar objects and ask you about the others.

In the process they will learn hundreds of new words (and so will you!) without even realizing it. They will come back to this delightful book again and again. Wait till Bubby and Zeidy see it!

The illustrator is an old ArtScroll favorite, with an uncanny talent for making the page come alive. The author loves and understands children -- you can tell as soon as you see a page. When you give this book to your child -- or favorite grandchild, niece, nephew, or neighbor -- you’ll be rewarded when you see the smiles on your children’s faces, day after day after day after day...

The illustrations are witty and captivating. The pages are imaginatively busy. The book is the one you’ve been waiting for. Your child will be delighted -- and so will you!

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