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Israeli folk songs


Teach me Hebrew- Musical Journey
Songs in Hebrew and English include "Are You Sleeping," "Mary Had a Little Lamb," and "Hush Little Baby."

Description from Publisher

I purchased this lovely introductory tape and played it for my son, who was then about 18 months old. He adored it, and sang along with it, and asked me questions about it - so much so that the tape just plum wore out! So I am now ordering another one in Hebrew, and one in Russian, too. I believe that learning language arts through song and interesting narrative is an effective tool - it's enjoyable rather than tedious for the child. The fact that the narratives are voiced by children is also very important, as I think children prefer to hear young voices just like theirs. Teach Me Tapes are a job well done! Wish I'd thought of doing it myself!

Description from Customer Review